Queens Road Cemetery

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Queens Road Cemetery

Kelly's Essex Directory, 1908: "The Cemetery, opened October 1st, 1872, comprises 11 acres, and contains two chapels: here is also the public mortuary: the cemetery is under the control of the Walthamstow Urban District Council acting as a burial board."
It appears that at one time the eastern chapel was for Church of England use, and the western chapel for non-conformist use. According to old maps there was a mortuary in the cemetery at one time, where the path deviates from the straight at the north east corner, but it seems to have dissappeared by 1914. A major cross path about half way between the chapels and the war memorial also disappeared before 1945. As with other paths, the space has been used for further burials. The Lodge and Coroner's Court remain though are now separate. There is space to park a car parking in the cemetery. The cemetery opening times vary over the year, so check to avoid being locked in.

Cemetery Records
Queens Road Cemetery has been run by the London Borough of Waltham Forest since 1965. Copies of records are available for a fee or can be inspected at the offices at Chingford Mount Cemetery by appointment.
Some of the cemetery registers have been digitised are are available to search on Ancestry. There are two types of register, the Burial Register and the Grave Register. Some information is in both registers, like date and depth of each burial, but the class of burial and residence are only in the burial register and the grave owner and list of those buried are only in the grave register. The burial register has information about the burial event. It can be worth looking at all entries for a particuar grave. You can do this by using a keyword of "Queens Road" and a grave number with just the numerals.
Monumental inscriptions have been transcribed by WFFHS and are searchable on this site. Unfortunately by the time transcription took place, some monuments were weathered, broken, or had sunk and were not readable, but the majority have been recorded. In a few cases the monument has not been recorded where the burial register indicates it should be, this is because it has been recorded where it was found. Where these cases are known, a note has been made on the record.

Cemetery Layout The cemetery has an entrance from Queens Road with a path approximately up the centre and paths close to the perimeter. The chapel building comprises two chapels, Church of England and non-conformist, though the latter is now used for storage. There is a war memorial further into the cemetery where crossing paths meet. There are trees near the entrance to the cemetery and part of the central path is tree lined, but otherwise the cemetery is quite open. There is only one large monument in the cemetery, at 1657B in area B31, belonging to the Hooker family. There are two large graves at 1888AD and 1890AD in Area D37 of 28 and 23 people who died between November 1946 and February 1947. The link between these people is as yet unexplained.

The cemetery is divided into four areas, A, B, C and D with paths providing the dividing lines and these letters make up part of each grave number. These have been further split for recording and finding purposes.

Area A
Area B
Area C
Area D North West
Area D North
Area D North East

Area A is divided into 37 parts Area A
A02  A03 A04
A05 A06 A07 A08
A09 A10 A11 A12
A14 A15 A16
A19 A20
A21 A22

Area B is divided into 35 parts Area B
B01 B13 B25
B02 B14 B26
B03 B15 B27
B04 B16 B28
B05 B17 B29
B06 B18 B30
B07 B19 B31
B08 B20 B32
B09 B21 B33
B10 B22 B34
B11 B23 B35
B12 B24

Area C is divided into 44 parts
C01 C12 C23 C34
Area C
C02 C13 C24
C03 C14 C25 C36
C04 C15 C26
C05 C16 C27
C06 C17 C28
C07 C18 C29
C08 C19 C30
C09 C20 C31 C42
C10 C21 C32 C43
C11 C22 C33 C44

Area D is divided into 49 parts
D01 D14 D26b D38 Area D North
D02 D15 D27 D39
D03 D16 D28 D40
D04 D17 D29 D40a
D05 D18 D30 D41
D06 D19 D31 D42
D07 D20 D32 D43
D08 D21 D33 D44
D09 D22 D34 D45
D10 D23 D35 D46
D11 D24 D36 D47
D12 D25 D36 D48
D13 D26a D37 D49


  Chapel from entrance

Cemetery lodge

Central path

Avenue of trees

Hooker Memorial

Queens Road Cemetery - View


Chapel interior


World War I 10 Point Trail

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